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Hypesmith is an innovative strategic marketing partner for healthcare organizations. We bring the hype back to healthcare.
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Hypesmith has expertise in all facets of marketing and strategic consulting. Below is an overview of our service offering. These services go well beyond the typical offerering of large ad agencies. We utilize our wealth of healthcare expertise to build tailored, actionable, and highly creative plans for clients who are dedicated to improving the healthcare system. After you review the list, we work to build a custom suite of services tailored to your needs.

Market Assessment

In conjunction with your staff, we begin by performing a SOAR analysis (strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results) on the overall marketing process and existing programs used to develop the brand and enhance revenue and reputation. This collaborative SOAR assesses the effectiveness of existing methodologies, and the Gap Analysis document provides recommendations for improvement that considers each relevant service in our portfolio. The marketing assessment approach would create a systematic and efficient plan to review and enhance solutions already in place and develop a workplan to manage expectations and internal communications.


Healthcare branding requires a great deal of attention due to the complexities of the industry. Whether you are a startup or have been in the game for decades, the goal is to ensure your brand stands out among your competitors and those you serve. Hypesmith assists in creating a cohesive and relevant brand experience that sticks by delivering it through the right channels to the right audience at the right time. Hypesmith can help you tackle everything brand related including full brand development, product naming, mission/vision design, positioning, collateral design, and messaging. There’s much more to branding than just a logo and color palette; therefore, Hypesmith takes your brand to the next level by creating a full brand story that differentiates you in the marketplace.

Web Development & Maintenance

Your website may be the very first time a prospect interacts with your service offering; therefore, it must be captivating, relevant, professional, and responsive in order to establish brand trust and credibility. Hypesmith offers fully responsive website design and ongoing website maintenance. Ongoing maintenance is vitally important not only from a technical standpoint but also from a content standpoint. It is imperative that your site stay fresh with content and design enhancements that keep you savvy. Our ongoing maintenance solution can include search engine optimization, the development of thought leadership portals, landing pages, internal staff portals, e-commerce functionality, marketing automation and CRM integration, and about anything else web-related.

Video Production

Videos are the most engaging and effective means of communication and have become the most popular form of content in the world. Videos educate your clients and help them connect with your brand at a deeper level. Likewise, they offer a great way to establish trust and credibility and increase conversions. Videos are also very versatile in that they can be distributed vastly across a variety of channels. Hypesmith has expertise in live-action (testimonials, interviews) and motion graphics (explainer) videos. To craft a successful video we work in tandem with you and our various video partners to create visual stories that captivate and educate.

Digital Advertising (Geofencing, Retargeting, and Social)

Traditional advertising involves faith and guesswork. Digital advertising on the other hand serves the right content to the right audience at the right time. Our offering allows you to virtually target prospects based on a variety of factors including their physical location (geofencing), email address, IP address, and their online behavior. Our favorite aspect of this service is competitor retargeting which allows you to serve ads to prospects after they have left a competitor’s website. Geofencing is pretty cool too. It allows you deliver ads to prospects who happen to be in a given location at a given time. This is a great way to serve ads at trade shows or even geofence a prospect’s headquarters so that the execs see your ads when they are browsing the web at their desk. Another great use of retargeting is following your website visitors with ads after they leave a certain web page—think Amazon when they follow you after you’ve been shopping on their site.

SEO & PPC Campaigns

There’s no doubt that people search online for the type of services your organization offers, but do you appear on the first page of their search results? If not, you could be missing out on major business opportunities. Hypesmith can you help you optimize your site so that your audience can easily find you in a Google search. We also assist in developing new content that will contribute to your organic search ranking, such as newsletters, infographics, webinars, white papers, and other turnkey thought leadership content. Once your organic rankings are stellar and you are ready to take your search ranking to the next level, Hypesmith can help you design a pay-per-click campaign that lands you right at the top of the search listings. What’s more—it’s very cost-effective!

Social Media & Content Marketing

By creating a consistent, engaging social media and content marketing plan, Hypesmith develops a proven strategy to maximize your online presence and accessibility. Your customers want quality information. Whether it’s on social media, content marketing, or blogging, people need answers to their questions. However, where they struggle is knowing who to trust. With Hypesmith, we’ll use social media, content, and blogging to expand your presence on the web, strengthen your brand awareness, and help you acquire new business. Our social media solution involves content strategy, planning and calendering on all social platforms, social media reputation management, and content creation curated by topics or growth objectives. We’ll help you use social media best practices to keep you positioned as a leading voice in your field.

RFP Strategic Development

Not many people get excited about responding to Requests for Proposals, but we do! They can be time consuming and tedious, but we have a proven win process that includes the right mix of content and graphics along with a streamlined approach to development and production. We start with an assessment of current bids, and bring in project management, graphic design and healthcare subject matter experts to drive the highest evaluator scoring. We have proven strategies that have won numerous government and commercial bids across the globe.

Internal Communication

Often, internal staff do not understand all of the solutions offered by their company. Staff are also often not aware of marketing campaigns or even know where to begin in helping to promote their brand and messaging. Hypesmith offers a variety of solutions aimed at improving internal sales education, including webinar/video trainings, employee/ sales portals, and internal newsletters.

Marketing Automation / Customer Journeys

Marketing Automation is a subset of customer relationship management (CRM) that focuses on the definition, scheduling, segmentation, and tracking of marketing campaigns. Marketing automation eliminates manual processes and opens new revenue opportunities by delivering relevant and personalized messaging across email, mobile, social, web experiences, and beyond. Customer journeys are the sum of individual personalized experiences with your brand. With marketing automation, you can tailor every interaction based on customer data to create ongoing, seamless journeys through every brand touchpoint.

Analytics & Reporting

Tracking the success of your digital marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be difficult. With Hypesmith, you’ll effortlessly track every impression, click, open, and conversion. We equip you with the tools to constantly improve your marketing plan by giving you a real-time look at your performance. Our reporting package comes standard with any suite of services and aggregates data from Google analytics, email campaigns, social media stats, and more.

The Kitchen Sink

Are you old-school? If so, Hypesmith offers pretty much every traditional marketing solution in the books. Despite all of the new, expensive, and complicated tech out there, we feel as though many of these tried and true approaches can be just as shiny as the Rolls Royce. The kitchen sink includes CRM deployment and management, standard email marketing, direct mail, promo/swag ordering, event/conference management, photography, and any form or print marketing you can imagine (sales flyers, signage, brochures, postcards, you name it).