Jordan Nowaskie / Chief Creative Officer / Hypesmith
Hypesmith is an innovative strategic marketing partner for healthcare organizations. We bring the hype back to healthcare.
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Meet Jordan.

Jordan Nowaskie

Jordan Nowaskie

Chief Creative Officer

Jordan Nowaskie is a strong advocate for the consideration of design, art, utilization of the latest technology and sustainability in all facets of life, and his work reflects his conviction. With 7 years of healthcare marketing and consulting expertise guiding Hypesmith clients, Jordan collaborates with clients to translate their business goals into unique and innovative brand and product experiences. He is responsible for the oversight of all creative processes and marketing technology applications including the ideation, presentation, and execution of client branding and marketing campaigns as well as the operational readiness, sustainability, and creative quality of client projects. He manages various technology solutions that are implemented based on client need and project to deliver each client’s brand promise to their clients and prospective audience.


Jordan holds a Bachelor of Art in Design & Critical Theory from the Roski School of Art & Design at the University of Southern California where he graduated summa cum laude. His background as a farmer, scholar, professional, writer, and free spirit have provided him the ability to manifest his ideas into real-world solutions that make a meaningful impact on our client’s programs and the visualization of those programs.