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CRAFTSMAN TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Video Content in Social Strategy

The trend of utilizing video content in social media strategy continues to rise, and for good reason. It is easy for your company’s profiles to get lost in the land of a social media world, but video content is a perfect way to captivate your audience in a unique way and stand out among competitors. The use of video content as a part of your social media strategy seems like a fairly new development, but you are now you are in the minority of social media accounts if you are not posting video content. While Millennials are discernibly the most loyal video viewers, creating video content with your younger audience in mind will prove to be useful.

We love creating videos for our clients to post on their socials and websites because it is an easy way to get engagement. We have found that a viewer is much more likely to stop and watch a quick video than stop to read a paragraph with information over-load. Not only will your followers be more likely to watch the video and retain the information you provide, but they will have more fun doing so!