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Let’s talk about social media, more specifically Instagram. Millions of companies are online, however there is a lack of true connection due to the focus of counting followers. It’s trying to get to the ideal number, 10,000 followers plus. We’re all a little guilty of it, we tend to focus on the numbers and disregard the importance of great content and engagement with our audience. The temptation to focus on vanity metrics alienates the bigger initiative…connection.

What’s even more concerning, is that followers are being bought so that accounts can achieve the magic number of 10,000 followers. The challenge with buying followers is that it comes at a cost and we’re not just talking about a financial cost. Let’s think about it, would you be willing to walk up to a complete stranger and buy their friendship? Keep in mind that you don’t know anything about them, what they like, where they like to go, and if their personality would be compatible with yours. That’s a bit scary, especially if you are offering up money to have a circle of 10, 000 “friends” for the sake of reaching a number.

Buying followers, is, well, icky. The consequence? Many of them will unfollow you or worse, won’t engage with your content/posts because they aren’t your ideal audience. Ideally, your followers are the people who identify and relate with your brand. Sadly, there are social media channels that are counting on companies and brands that focus heavily on that magic number, remember what it is? 10,000 followers.

You may ask, why that number? Profiles that have a large following are offered perks. When it all boils down to it, some of the largest followings have and average of 35% fake followers. We looked at some of the largest followings to find that while a profile may have over a million followers, only 65% of them are real people or real accounts.

Let’s get back to basics and focus more on quality versus quantity. Quality content and imagery will help you build the path to the right audience. It may take some time but know that it will be worth it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither should your social presence. We know…that was a little cheesy but true!

Just remember to tell your story in a creative, authentic way that makes you interesting and follow-able. Engage with your online tribe and watch your platform flourish! People want to be entertained, intrigued, surprised, and motivated so take some risks and set yourself apart from everyone else. If you do this, even we will follow you.