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CRAFTSMAN TRICKS OF THE TRADE: An Overlooked Opportunity

Everyone has something to share, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to share it. Whether it’s through writing, speaking or recording a video, you have the power to share it with the world. It’s not hard to do, unfortunately, many of us feel that we aren’t experts in our “field” of work. We put ourselves in small boxes and create a belief in our heads that only PhDs can share knowledge. Well, I’m calling bull-crap.

We have experience and tips to share with others. You may not realize it but think about when you’ve sat in the lunchroom talking “shop” or were at a networking event and shared a valuable tip with someone. You were offering knowledge, aka expertise in an area you understood. Stop being afraid to speak up and share. You’re not helping anyone by keeping your ideas and tips to yourself so why not share it? You may even have a point of view that’s controversial, share it! Stop holding yourself back for fear of what others may say. You never know who you might help.

I’m going to say it again…put yourself out there, yes, go out on a limb and share your expertise on social media. Spend a few minutes figuring out how you want to share and then go for it! Like I said earlier, you playing small doesn’t help anyone. It’s amazing how great you’ll feel if you share a tip or an idea and don’t get caught up in the likes or silence. Be proud of what you offered and keep going. So many of us want the superficial response of likes and what we really need to ask ourselves is, “did I offer value today.” Get out of your box this week and create something of value to share with the world. You ready?