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“Winter is Coming” Motto – House Stark, Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an obsession of mine – I can’t wait for Season Eight.  “Winter is Coming”  is a great motto for the white walker invasion about to unleash next season, and how Jon Snow has been preparing the world makes me think of 3 key initiatives I feel healthcare organizations can benefit from:

        1. Building stakeholder relationships is the key to solving larger community healthcare issues.  Jon Snow convinced his competition that some things require them to set aside their differences and work together (in his case saving their lives from the undead). All healthcare organizations (large and small, for profit and not for profit, government or commercial) do several things really well; but together they can solve large community problems.
        2. It can be beneficial to engage with a neutral party when you are interested in multi-organization collaboration. The Night Watch isn’t gunning for the throne, its trying to keep everyone safe.  When a larger problem needs solved, it is beneficial to bring in outsiders to gather data from all organizations. This can be especially helpful for projects that benefit from having multiple healthcare organizations in the same markets working together.
        3. It’s important to make the invisible, visible.  Things might seem great in certain areas of Westeros, but north of the wall there are some big issues.  We can all take a lesson from Jon Snow capturing a white walker to show people how bad things were. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that dangerous to show where and what the issues are. Visually depicting facts leading to barriers is a big part of project implementation that drives community leader involvement and successful outcomes.
          If you are looking for help solving “White Walker” issues in your community, and need a planning strategy or stakeholder engagement, call Hypesmith – remember “Winter is Coming.”